Racing and betting. A classic that never gets old.

koně s žokeji na startu dostihů

[19 In order to attract players as much as possible, the range of table games has become wide and very original, but the races and bets are still very high in the rankings of games sold and played.
Let\’s briefly recall what the goal is. This game is played with2-6 players, roll the dice and everyone has their own creations. During our trip we buy horses, races on them and other things. Over time, we begin to withdraw money from other teammates based on these purchases. The player with the highest amount of money wins. The course of the game can be quite long, it depends on which strategy the player chooses. I really think that\’s enough for the course because most people know it.
koně s žokeji na startu dostihů
It\’s interesting how the game was created. The basis of this game was the monopoly of the well-known game. Horse racing and betting is the Czech version. It was first introduced by the printer Ladislav Mareš in 1983. The game has sold hundreds of thousands of units, and to this day new and new editions have been released. There is even a new game designed for our little kids, it is called “Racing and Betting Junior”. As the name suggests, the game is almost the same, but only the rules are easy for children to master.
Have you ever thought about the name of a horse? Are they fictitious or not entirely true.
In fact, most horse names are inspired by the real racers of the great Pardubice. You can guess at least look up the name. Specifically, there were 15 horses registered in the Velkápardubice race, and only 9 were not registered. Therefore, these names may have been invented or you can look for meaning elsewhere.
It will take a long time to sort out all the names and origins. So let\’s focus on the cheapest and most expensive horse, let\’s make it interesting.
The stables we spend the least money on in the game are orange, with 2 horses. Phantom and Gavora. Both of these names are real, and in the past horses with these names were competing. In particular, the Phantom became the winner of the race in 1874. This is important because it was the first year of the competition. The 2nd of this stables is mare Gavora, who was born only in 1958 and never won in Velka Pardubice.
obrázek dvou závodících koní
And now the most expensive and the most valuable horse in our favorite board game. Narcius and Naples. Perhaps the name of the first horse will probably disappoint you that there is no history, the most valuable Neapolitan appeared on Velka Pardubice 2 times. Once a mare, once a stallion. But the stallion never started, he only entered the list, and the mare was the best in 8th place. So maybe disappointment too. It follows 1 thing, in fact he was legendary, do not immediately condemn the least valuable horse.