The way you look at a man

The path I once took myself was certainly not an easy one. On the contrary, it required much strength, effort, and nightly crying in an attempt to remake my own life into something better. But I succeeded, and I have a beautiful partnership based on freedom, love, and humility. That is why I want to share with you, dear readers, my difficult life journey, my own transformation, and the gradual evolution of a new me.

Partnerská pohoda

Parting as a beginning

Actually, it started in the worst way. A breakup. I had met my partner in college, we had planned a future together, traveled, started a family, and wanted to get a dog when we returned from abroad. Beautiful dreams that I would paint while walking in the woods, dreams that I would dream over coffee with friends, and dreams that I could not even acknowledge the possibility that they would end halfway before they were fulfilled.

But that is exactly what happened. There were several arguments, several angry emails, and a gradual explosion of what had been building up for a while, but I wasn\’t going to admit it to myself under any circumstances. The breakup happened.

Instead of crying through the night and looking for a new partner, I first thought about where I had made a fundamental mistake, where I was not ideal with him. Because, as they say, it takes two to make a relationship work, and although I was angry at him for many things in the beginning, I soon gained perspective and realized that not everything was his fault.

One thing I never wanted to do again was limit myself. While I did not directly forbid my partner to do anything, I often had unintelligible opinions about how I wanted things done my way. I simply treated him more like a mother who made more and more nonsensical rules than a partner who could give a man all the freedom he deserved. I realized that while he was giving me all the freedom I wanted, he was not getting the same from me.
Silný muž

Another aspect was communication. I constantly felt the need to explain my views to him and felt he still did not understand. He did understand. In fact, he understood everything I said to him. But he had his own way of thinking, and I could not understand it. I stubbornly insisted on my own ideas.

After this painful experience, my view of my husband changed in many ways. But only now have I come to see him as a beautiful being, full of understanding and a unique worldview.