How to Achieve a Smooth Shave

Many people have to shave regularly every day and rely on their own resources. Most people shave in the morning before they leave the house. That is a mistake. The skin in the morning is most sensitive and prone to irritation. Instead, they should shave in the afternoon or evening after taking a bath or shower.
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Take your time when shaving and do not rush. Shaving in the morning is not recommended because people are often in a hurry to get to work and it can cause cuts. Freshly shaved skindoes not have time to regenerateand exposure to sunlight can cause stains. Therefore, it is better to shave after work.
The facial skin must first be prepared for shavingand the best preparation is a warm bath or shower. This will remove excess sebum and dead skin cells, open the pores, soften the beard, and make it easier to shave with good results. At the same time, it reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin, preventing unwanted infections.
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Today, most men shave with shaving foam or gel while others stick to a brush and a cup of solid soap. Apply the required amount to the area to be shaved. Shaving without foam or gel may irritate the skin. For more sensitive skin, use a gel or foam labeled Sensitive.
Next, whether using a waterproof electric razor, razor blade, or razor,the actual shaving takes place. When shaving, rinse the razor with cold water to prevent the razor blades from clogging. Shaving against the direction in which the beard growswill make it smoother, but can cause skin irritation. While shaving, pull the skin with the other hand.
Rinse the face with cold water after shaving, closing the pores. Do not wipe the shaved area with a towel. Simply cover with a towel and dry gently. Aftershave cools the skin, and a post-shave moisturizing balm soothes the skin.
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After shaving, clean the beard hairs with a razor and rinse with water. Never place the razor over the sink. It could distort the blade and make the next shave less successful.