Without water and trees there is no life

It is of course about people, and above all about profits from the sale of wood. We should not forget that our Czech Republic was one of the most beautiful forested countries in Europe, with trees of various kinds, which are our natural assets. This is also true for Slovakia.
alej třešní

Where there are no trees, our landscape cannot be protected from aridity. Climate change, be it drought or torrential rain, is the result of our “managers” failing to recognize, perhaps for too many years, how important a role each tree plays in our present and future lives .
změna klimatu
as if only resources that affect the flow of money are important to our lives. This is very sad.
– Thinking back, when I drive my car, I used to see trees planted along the roadside. Most of them were fruit trees, some lime trees and beech trees. The roadside trees were neatly planted and had been regularly cared for over the years. After all, trees not only strengthen the ground but also retain water, protecting the asphalt roads from the sun when it rains heavily, for example, and from wind and snow tongues in bad weather. Yet trees are disappearing from the edges of many roads. Why is that? [Treed forests, dried up meadows. [is the result of a landscape without water. The various modern technologies that the younger generation is learning are useless in a sense if the common sense of their predecessors is not applied. Without water, populations suffer. And industries without water will decline.
pěstování peněz
When you go to the countryside, you notice that in so many places the landscape has changed over the years. Trees have disappeared from around ponds, lakes, and streams , shade is gone, and instead of beautiful water for swimming and fishing, there are only a few aquatic plants and cyanobacteria growing in the water. But that is the fault of the landowners and their bad laws.
All people should be taught from elementary school how to behave and treat any landscape with respect. Knowing that the climate is shifting toward drought every year, we should, above all, encourage our municipal officials to ensure that the trees that have been cut down are restored by proper and adequate afforestation. After all, every tree helps to retain water, without which we could not survive.