Who always wins?

Until the end of last year, when someone wins something, they must have. He was able to hold all the winnings, and no one wanted to take away his money, except for annoying relatives and friends, new and old acquaintances. But it\’s a thing of the past. That is, for those who are lucky and unlucky enough to win more than 100 thousand crowns. If someone wins such a package today, they will have to pay a tax of 15% to the state from the new year. This applies to those who did not collect the prize until the last day of the 12th month of last year.
daňové přiznání
For every 100 million won, you have to pay the state 150,000 crowns. Whether he likes it or not. And it is clear that this man certainly does not like it. But he just has to do it.
Thus, a person will tear himself out of his mouth. Alone, with your already taxed money. Instead of enjoying his money, which no one has anything to do with, he throws it into sports, lotteries, etc. With the fact that the chances of a big win are thin, so he will probably lose them. You run the risk of having nothing left of your money. what if he\’s lucky? A thief named Nation comes and eats him.
počítání daní
The state has no risk. He does not bet a dime, yet he can not lose. And he always wins. Because no matter who wins, the state always wins.
And it beats me how badly unfair it really is. Remember an old Jewish joke about a man who prayed to God for a long time to win the lottery, so did God help him and personally warn him that one day he should buy a ticket?Do you remember that?Do you remember that?
In fact, politicians consider themselves gods. When they win without a bet. And they rely on the envy of the little Czechs. After all, who does not want a person traditionally luck smiled. And who, for their malice, even the tax of such millionaires will come in handy. It\’s as unfair as the communists in 1947.