As the wolf eats and the goat leaves something behind

Finance Minister Alena Sirelová (ANO) has decided to push for the abolition of superannuation. This should allow workers to save on taxes. That way, workers will be better off. An obvious attempt to please the working voters who can\’t help but hear about lower taxes. Of course, this is obvious nonsense at a time when the nation is drowning in debt and needs more money.
znamení rozhodnutí

It was subsequently leaked that the minister wants to stop paying for health insurancefor state insuredpersons such as students, children, parents on maternity leave, unemployed persons, and pensioners. Naturally, we disapprove of this. And in order not to lose these constituents as well, the minister had to quickly explain that it certainly did not mean that these people would have to pay for it themselves. It just meant that the workers themselves would have to pay for the new public insurance through higher premiums. And perhaps she succeeded in putting out this fire.
Not to upset workers who were already paying a substantial amount out of their earnings,the minister explained that health insurance would only increase slightly and that workers would not be on the hook because taxes would go down with the repeal of the superannuation. After all, the state pays less to the insured. The state pays 1018 kronor to the insured, while the employee and employer pay 4,500 kronor to the average wage employee. It is also sufficient to compare the premiums of the employed and the self-employed; it is the self-employed who lose money, not the employee.
The minister has been criticized for these odd measures, but he sticks to his plan and thinks it is wise. He admits, however, that it may not be enforced. However, according to the minister, if it is not, everyone will lose out.
To summarize
– Workers should receive an unknown number of benefits from not having to pay so many taxes. Of course, the savings should go toward health insurance premiums for the insured for the time being.
– The state should not have to pay the premiums of the insured, but the insured should be insured for free.
– Only the self-employed, who currently pay little or no premiums, should be exploited. This is because, as individuals, they also pay little or no premiums.
The current system should be plowed and everything should be changed. After all, the idiots who go to work, especially those who receive the least from the state and similar insurance, should bear the entire burden again.
bublina nad mužem

Because it is the right thing to do. If it doesn\’t work, we will weep.
We are already crying because of similar thoughts.