Video games: do children have the opportunity to learn from games?

People have different opinions about computer games. Some think its usefulness and positive impact is nil, while others think it has only benefits. Whatever one’s view, one cannot deny the positive and negative aspects associated with games. [Because most games require perfect concentration, children are forced from an early age to perceive multiple elements in order to perform at their best and learn to focus on multiple situations simultaneously. They are then able to apply their acquired observational skills in real life, especially in crisis and stressful situations. In addition, in order to achieve a given goal, which often includes elements of a foreign language and sometimes forced communication
between teammates, one unconsciously increases one’s vocabulary, memorizes phrases well, and gains motivation to improvein the required language. This is a start in the IT field, which is currently quite future-oriented .
Many video games include, among other things, paid features and stores with their own currency. In this way, young adults are gaining their first purchasing experience and improving their financial literacy . They seek to save for specific products, recognize the value of payments, collect payments for specific activities, and are exposed to investment choices. In short, they sometimes need to join forces and cooperate with others in order to win prizes [22] [23] and they have to deal with logical obstacles, stimulating them to come up with solutions while persistently tackling challenges. This fosters creativity as well as patiencein finding the right solution. Each game requires a different intensity of movement, and the sensitivity of each hand movementmust be matched accordingly. The world is constantly modernizing, bringing new possibilities. Recognizing the practicality of even the extraordinary and embracing novelty is becoming a staple of our society. While there are unspoken negatives to video games, there are also unspoken positives.