Popular E-shops in the Czech Republic

While some things are best bought in person, such as trying on and fitting, there are many things you can buy from home without having to search through stores. What are those and which e-shops are most often chosen?

Buying Books

Before the Internet and smart TVs, a larger percentage of people did not read as many books as in the past, but there are still many readers, so books are still selling, even if in smaller numbers. However, many readers visit bookstore websites, order books, and take them home, either because they don\’t have time to waste running around bookstores looking for the titles they want or because they want to buy e-books for a change.

krabice s nápisem

Some of the most popular online bookstores in the Czech Republic include, for example, Knihy Dobrovský, which has great advertising tactics and often holds various contests, offering interesting discounts and free shipping. Then there is the Lebné Knihy e-shop, which offers new books at low prices. The selection here is small, but people are happy to save money; Megakbooks and Kosmas bookstores are also popular bookstores.


For fashion, people also like to shop online, so many chains have opened e-shops, and some retailers offer online shopping only. The leading fashion e-shops are Sinsay, Cropp, Gate, Lelosi, Londonclub, and Tezenis.

nákupní tlačítko


The electrical industry is also thriving in the online sphere, with electrical store websites in full use. For example, computer accessories are best bought at CZC, appliances at Planeo Elektro, or at Alza, for example. [Food

More and more people are into healthy eating. Examples include Mixit e-shop, Koldokol e-shop, and KetoDiet, which sell nuts and dried fruits.