The biological balance is being disrupted

What doctors, scientists, and other researchers have been trying to do for years is common sense. Human cloning is quite imminent. But what about creating a new species? Is it against nature, or is it a successful business
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and an attempt to enrich the planet? Either way, species created by evolution are not to be improved upon or otherwise targeted. God created the tiger and the lion, and man further evolved them to create the perfect creature, the Wriggle. One can only imagine what distinguishes these species. The most famous liger in the world is called Hercules, and this giant liger weighs almost half a ton and is 330 centimeters long. Its personality can only be imagined. Will he be territorial and family-oriented, following in the footsteps of his father, the lion? Or will the genes of his mother\’s tiger, a solitary hunter and one of the world\’s most feared predators, prevail?

There have been many such attempts to create new species. What do dolphins mean to you? What about the black killer whale or the bottlenose dolphin? The dolphins are their common offspring, allegedly conceived without human intervention, which is a healthy suspicion. Their offspring have been shuttling between theme parks in Tokyo, Hawaii, and Indonesia. What these animals consume as food and how large they can grow are not documented anywhere. The truth is that there is so much human interference with the target group that one day, if not yet 100%, what we know will be altered on a massive scale. We are trying to create a hybrid of what already confronts us with the issues of sustainability and vulnerability.
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We think we are creating futures and benefits for the planet we collectively inhabit. But sometimes we must remember that everything has consequences and effects. What if these organisms, after scavenging our oceans, save our greenery as a result of subsequent overpopulation? Would there be alphas in the food chain?

Perhaps human awareness and consciousness will stop endangering life by creating these dangerous mutations.

Nature has its intentions and we are here to preserve its original plan.