Religion is never boring

Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, all religions are interesting in some way and you can learn a lot about them. Everyone should have a basic idea of their existence, which is why they are taught in schools. But there are also more entertaining forms of religion that can enrich you more, giving you a deeper understanding.
buddhistický rituál
For example, on YouTube you can find quite entertaining movies with animation. For example, in “Ramayana” you can watch “About Prince Rama,” an hour and a half video that will not only entertain you but also give you a deeper insight into the book. Other short films are also made in this way.
Kahoot is an online quiz that the whole class can play together. All you need is your cell phone. A quiz is found or created, and participants log in. Within a time frame, students must choose the answer to the question. kahoot is becoming increasingly popular with more and more teachers because it is a more or less free and fun way to inform students. The latter remember the lessons better.
Alternatively, they take the most interesting of the materials first, such as various stories that might be of interest to the younger generation, and work with them. If you tell the story a little bit in line with the vocabulary of the day, the student might pick up the story and read it. Also, look for interesting facts about the culture, unusual things, maybe even things that are truly incredible. Children remember the shocking and morbid best. But it sounds worse than it really is. On the contrary, some interesting facts about the world are related to the historical context or, conversely, are reflected in the world today. For example, rituals in India, however slight, are reflected here today without our realizing it.
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Give the children a presentation according to the religion they like best and have them prepare a story. Partly by letting the children\’s imagination run free, they may encounter themes that others can easily recall. Also, make sure that they speak everything in their own vocabulary.