Summer makeup may not matter

Light Makeup
Perhaps every woman solves the problem of her makeup on a hot day, but it usually melts and does not last long on the skin. This solution can be made up with a light composition or BB cream, covering small defects, and the skin still looks natural. The basis is also to apply makeup correctly and only in 1 layer. Also, do not forget to choose a shade that is suitable for the tone of the skin that can already tan.
dámské makeup.jpg
Powder or bronzer
If you have problems with unsightly oily skin during the summer, be sure to buy a suitable powder. Lightly apply to the skin and carefully apply it to the face with a suitable brush. You can also apply it to the eyelids, which will be perfectly prepared for eye shadow. If you want to look naturally tanned, bet on a bronzer that brightens the skin.
Healthy cheeks are also important in the summer, so try not to remove blush from makeup. It is enough to choose a lighter loose blush of the appropriate color, which can be supplemented with brighteners. Pay attention to the scratches in the tubes, they can be too pronounced and poorly spread for the summer.
blondýna v klobouku.jpg
eyeshadow? Yes, but in moderation.
If you need to emphasize your eyes even in the summer, and without eyeshadow you can not do alone, it does not matter. You need to choose the right one that will stand up even on a hot day. Choose a fairly loose shadow, with natural soft colors such as white, gold, bronze, brown and gray, which are complemented by glitter. Your eyes will light up and you will look amazing.
Mascara and eyeliner
Choose waterproof mascara that can also be used for swimming. If you need to visually enlarge your eyes, use a classic eye pencil, but only gently apply it to the edges of both eyes. If you gently shade it with a gray shade, this will ensure its fixation.
Lip gloss or lipstick?
If you go to the water, choose a lip gloss that looks natural and at the same time gives you shine. If you still prefer a more pronounced shade, choose a light balm made of rich shades, such as lipstick. Skip the matte saturated shade of lipstick, which is suitable for the cold season.