Business makes the world go round

Why is it that business can change the world at a speed we can hardly comprehend? It is changing the world in every area, from the extraction of raw materials to processing, transportation, manufacturing, and marketing of products. This entire process involves human labor, much of which cannot be replaced by robots or automation of production processes.

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Unfortunately, the manufacturing process in developing countries includes the employment of children who work long hours and without rest as part of the manufacturing process, and whose compensation is basically barely enough to cover their living expenses. Exploitation, too, is part of the business. It has been and likely always will be. This is because such conditions change very slowly, and children in poor communities must somehow help their families to survive until the next day. Factories full of children working under harsh working conditions, that too is a business, and the flip side is that instead of education and children playing, there is hard, grueling labor.

Of course, just as there are two sides to a coin, there are two sides to a business. The good side is that it provides work for many people through the production process and sales, thereby feeding their families. This includes the drivers who bring goods to the stores, warehouse workers, salespeople, cleaners, and other occupational family members. The business has propelled the pharmaceutical market and its development, helping to save many lives each year. It also makes the lives of many people more comfortable through its dispensing.
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Businesses come in all sizes, and the world and almost everyone\’s life on this planet is filled with them. It changes the face of the world beyond recognition, both as a result of the extraction of raw materials and as a result of the waste left behind by us humans and left to decay for years and years. Even the removal and disposal of waste in landfills and incinerators is a business. In short, one can profit from almost anything. In this world, we are all consumers and part of the business.