Sports and their dangerous effects

Sports keep us fit, have fun, and can make us money that most people can\’t imagine. Being active can also have a profound effect on us, bringing many pitfalls into our lives. What risks are associated with being an active athlete and how should we act to ensure that being active does not harm us?
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From common injuries and sports to after effects

When we look at former top gymnasts in their 30s, we see back problems, poor posture, and joint problems. However, this is not limited to these women. Every top athlete will one day pay the price for overactivity. Sooner or later, the body will choose the overactivity it exhibited in its youth.
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Friends, Family, and Relationships

I personally know of two cases where beautiful, long-lasting relationships had to end because of sports. Simply, good sportsmen do everything in their power to make their dreams come true. A friend of mine went to a city 200 kilometers away to play volleyball, but had to sacrifice her relationship with her boyfriend to do so. She couldn\’t imagine how much volleyball meant to her. But only an athlete, body and soul, could truly understand that; the second case was exactly the same, and the whole family left.
Athletes often do not realize that they can so easily hurt the entire environment surrounding the sport by putting the sport first. Sports should always remain a beneficial activity that need not limit oneself or cause pain to loved ones in the future. On the contrary, sports and an active life should bring us only good and positive things. Moreover, we should not overdo it. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, too much of anything is not good for the body.