This unconventional

Quidditch is an ideal sport for all Harry Potter enthusiasts. Unlike him, no one uses a magic wand. But all players remain in the Muggle version on Earth. Two teams play against each other on the field. The 7-man team has 3 archers, 2 guards – that is, a catcher and an indispensable goalkeeper. Which goal will create 3 hoops. It is played with a slightly blown ball camyral, which can be placed between them to score a goal. The repeller tries to disarm the opponent in a brawl, and the catcher does an important job. To catch goldfish. Tennis ball wrapped in yellow socks. Currently, world and European Championships are held in this non-traditional sport. The Czech Republic finished in 17th place.

Netradiční sporty

非伝統的なスポーツはオランダから来ていますYOU.FO Similar to Lacrosse or Ultimate Frisbee. A great advantage of its operation is the opportunity to try it on the nearest free space. Whether in the meadows, in the park or on the beach. Also, the fact that you can play in pairs – on top of each other or in multiple member teams – is advantageous.  In this game, which has simple rules that small children can handle, you need to provide special playing sticks and flying circles. With a large number of players, you need to build 2 goals. And try to transport enemy flying objects with special sticks.

Na hřišti

Discgolf began in the 1970s in America, but now it only reaches our shores. It quickly gained popularity and today there are fixed disc golf courses in every county. For those who have never encountered this sport, it is a big surprise that flying saucers are used in the game instead of golf clubs. And instead of the classic pit is placed a special basket. The usual number of 1 coat is 9, but if space allows, there may be more. The goal of the game is to complete the hole with as few plates as possible. It is possible to play with 1 frisbee, but you need to use more numbers. Because each of them has different flight characteristics. This sport is also suitable for people with low motor skills.