Social and solidarity economy or its essence

We are increasingly seeing the terms social economy, social entrepreneurship, or solidarity economy. This is not only due to the influence of the European Union and developments in Europe as a whole, but also due to all the issues related to the economic situation, such as the labor market situation, social support for the unemployed and socially vulnerable
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Social economy and 2018

In the Czech Republic, an increase in social spending for 2018 was announced. Compared to this year, the amount within the increase is 32 billion. This increase is mainly aimed at increasing spending on old-age pensions, which amounts to one-third of social spending. On the other hand, a decreasing trend is the spending on unemployment benefits.

Social Economy and its Concepts

Social economic planning is to address challenges within the population, such as potential social exclusion and social distress. A principle of the social economy is the creation of adequate employment. Likewise, it has an important mission in regional development. It is all based on solidarity. It must also be in line with the efforts in the framework of the European Union\’s strategic plan, i.e. poverty control, social cohesion, maximum employment, etc. In other words, it aims to employ and place as many socially disadvantaged groups, disabled people, socially vulnerable people, mentally disabled people, etc. as possible

What is the social and solidarity economy, or its mission?

To begin, it should be mentioned that everything has a history of different forms. Of course, there is also diversity and purpose in different parts of the world

such as the European situation and the American situation. What they all have in common, however, are the values that social economies emphasize, such as cooperation and mutual aid, appeals to democracy, a sense of belonging, and respect for the environment. Its mission is to strive for the acquisition of living conditions suitable for each individual on a global scale.