Do you enjoy politics?

Do you enjoy politics or are you at least a little interested in politics? A lot of people say they don\’t care about politics, but I think they\’re joking. Because recently I learned that a lot of people are really interested in politics, but they may be embarrassed to say it. I think a lot of people are not interested in politics because they are ashamed to speak their minds. They are also embarrassed that they are even interested in politics. In general, in my opinion, people should not be ashamed of their opinion at all. After all, when they are interested in something they can enjoy, it\’s everyone\’s business. For example, I am a little interested in politics, but I am completely 100% not interested in politics, as if looking for a political debate or something like that.

O politiku se zajímá hodně lidí.

I\’m just interested in politics, so I thought I\’d at least have a good perspective. I didn\’t like when something was happening, and I don\’t have an overview of it at all, so I thought, at least in the nightly news, I\’d see a variety of political debates, but because there\’s still a classic political debate on TV that I don\’t like. I might enjoy it, but I\’m not interested in it at all because I don\’t want to tarnish my mind by hearing inappropriate things. I had enough. I am worried that various wars will occur, even because of politics and religion. I don\’t think this should be.

Před politikou se neschováte.

After all, people live only once, so why should they ruin their lives by fighting over politics? In my opinion, this is really ugly and bad. I don\’t like it when people discuss politics. In my opinion, this makes no sense at all, and it is of course a pity. Unfortunately, I can\’t explain this to people. Many people are interested in politics because they enjoy it, or because they enjoy the debate. This is not my style, and I think if there were a lot of people who were not interested in politics, it would probably work.