Leave the rich life behind and go for a ride!

In 2003, Atari was manufacturing a game console under the name Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe. After a long hiatus, RCT3D appeared in 2012. Unlike its predecessor, players enjoy a virtual world intertwined with a theme park. The era of smart cell phones has arrived. Naturally, so did games for these devices. Programmers took advantage of this and soon released RCT4 Mobile. The game is completely free and can be played on the Google Play app. New features include the ability to share and visit friends\’ parks. You can also freely rotate your cell phone to view your park from multiple angles. Attractions and decoration items are also available. All kinds of rivers and dams can now be constructed.

ilustrace zábavního parku

The following year, the developers were supposed to turn over RCT World, but that did not happen. Studio Piperworks handed over to Atari an inferior version of the game released 11 years earlier. After a proper rewrite, it was released in 2016. Again, you can design your own attraction structures as well as buildings. Not only can you build buildings, but you can also build stores in any building, for example. Also, there is no need to take altitude into account. You can build objects freely and rotate them to any angle you like.
herní konzole

2016 is still relevant; RCT Classic will be released. It\’s kind of nostalgic. So if you are nostalgic for RCT and RCT2, this is the way to go. Initially designed for iOS and android, only in 2017Microsoft Windows andmacOSwere supported. It can be seen that both mobile and PC versions were developed.

The latest versions of these consoles are RCT adventures. Like other recent releases, it was designed primarily for console gaming, specifically the Nintento Switch, and was subsequently released on the PC platform. This version was just released in 2018 and is the very last one.