Infinite Movement Potential

Moving is a natural part of life. Soon after birth, we are already developing our first activities in order to reach something, to go somewhere, to learn something new. No one thinks much about the fact that even small children, by crawling, climbing, and taking their first steps, are strengthening their muscles and spine and setting the conditions for further development.
As parents, we try to guide our children to a healthy lifestyle. We want them to develop the right habits and we don\’t want them to suffer from obesity or other health problems.
From early childhood, children watch us closely and imitate us. The same is true for sports and exercise in general.
holčička v bazénu
If it is our desire that children have a healthy relationship with exercise, then we must also have a healthy relationship with it. It is not advisable to force a child to do anything. However, while having fun, the child is often unaware that he or she is developing an activity that may be intense.
dívky na hřišti
What is natural and appropriate?

There is no need to go to expensive clubs and pay for expensive coaches. Start with yourself and your home environment. With a simple playground, children can have a lot of fun and learn many movements. Climbing frames, swings, and other attractions are ubiquitous in cities. If you live in the countryside or have your own yard, there are plenty of opportunities for children to play and move around at the same time. Whether it\’s a pool during the summer months, a trampoline, or just a little space where they can run around freely with a ball. Think back to your childhood when you played dodgeball for hours with friends or spiked badminton. How you loved trips to the countryside and sightseeing.
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Children also love learning new skills at an early age, starting with bicycles and ending with their first outing with their parents on their own bikes. Many children also prefer scooters and inline skates.
In a nutshell, what parents do is what children will also like to do if given the proper guidance. And it will be seen not as a necessity but as something fun, while at the same time being very beneficial to the body and a much-needed exercise for children.