Keyboard, which one should I choose?

The best way to know which keyboard to choose is, of course, to actually try it out. Even if it doesn\’t seem the best on the first fingering, you may end up going back to that keyboard after trying others and over time. And which keyboard is worth trying? And why this keyboard? On the positive side, all of the keyboards listed are free to try. Some are not paid services, so you can continue to use them for free.
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Google Keyboard

One of the most popular keyboards. One of the few keyboards that support the Czech language. As such, word prediction, correction, and voice control can actually be used. However, gesture controls are also available. The keyboard has interesting emoticons. All completely free. This keyboard ranks among the very popular ones and has good reviews. The non-paid version is free, but contains ads. If you want to remove the ads, you will have to pay a certain fee. However, the ads do not bother me much.

Smart Keyboard

Although translated as a smart keyboard, there is a paradox in that it is no smarter than other keyboards that are not named smart. As far as trying out this keyboard, it is free for a month, after which you have to pay. There is a Czech dictionary, so you can use the keyboard without problems. There are several types of themes.


This is a very useful keyboard and prides itself on being able to do almost everything you would expect. It has many features. Some of them are truly unique to that keyboard. But everything is realistic and easy in its settings.
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Swype Keyboard

This was one of the first keyboards that allowed typing without taking one\’s fingers off the cell phone screen. At the time, it received a huge response. Today, its popularity is still at an even higher point. The keyboard learns from typing, so over time it can predict the next word. But it can do much more than that, so it is worth a try

Swift Key Keyboarding

The essence is simplicity and efficiency. Not only does it learn from your typing, so it can predict words quickly, but it also offers many options in terms of settings, as well as numerous emoticons and skins to customize the look of the keyboard. This keyboard is completely free. It is one of the most popular and most used keyboards. This keyboard is so perfect that even missing diacritics are allowed.