The new adventures of Crash Bandicoot!

– the video game,published by Sony Computer Entertainment,also created sound effectsproduced by Universal Interactive Studiosand is a successful modern franchise,which introduced Unchartedand was developed byNaughty Dog. The first title was also released inSony Greatest Hits and Platinum Rangeeditions.

Speculation about the new adventures of the popular fox, Crash Bandicoot,first began to surface after the release of Playstation Time to Playadvertising. Hints to the new game were hidden in the campaign.
Červené jablko
The Apple picker had a new mask that did not escape its devoted fans. This mask had never appeared before.

In 2017, the game, beloved by gamers of all ages, received a rewarding remastering on the current Playstation 4 console.The remaster, entitled Sane Trilogyincluded three games released for the PS1 The original games included:
Crash Bandicoot— 1996
Cortex Strikes Back– 1997
Warped – 1998

Playstation ovladače
In Fox, unfortunately Other games in the series that did not receive remasters were also released for PS2, Xbox, Nintendo DS and PSP:
The Wrath of Cortex– 2001
Twinsanity– 2004
Crash of the Titans– 2007
Mind over Mutant– 2008

Racing series were also popular:
Team Racing– 1999
Nitro Kart– 2003
Tag Team Racing– 2005

The first racing title was remastered in 2019 under the title Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

Fox also created a two-part crossover for Party:
Bash– 2000
Boom Bang!– 2006

Game Boy Advance and the fox and popular dragonfly [ Spyroand the story of the popular dragonfly.
Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto\’s Rampage andSpyro Orange: being developed by Vicarious Visions and Toys for Bob

Original title.

Originally titled Crash 8,it was developed by Spyro Orange.

A new negative character should appear.

Bandicoot should be released in a style similar to Maria 3D World.

Three new masks have been identified: Lunar, Sun, and Eclipse.