Health Care Company Wants to Invest

Akeso, the second largest health care company in the Czech Republic, earned CZK 300 million before taxes, according to the previous year\’s results. The company also reported sales of just under CZK 3 billion. The results motivate the company to embark on future investments of more than CZK 2.5 billion.

vybavení nemocnice

In a media interview, the company\’s CEO said that the company aims for continuous organic growth, minimizing debt and operating as efficiently as possible. To this end, it is building modern and efficient hospitals throughout the country. And it is trying to reinvest most of the money it earns back into the hospitals.

As part of its operations, Akeso operates the Oncology and Radiation Center Multiscan Pardubice, Pardubice Hospital, Hořovice Hospital, and Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital. Akeso employs approximately 1,700 people and has annual revenues of SEK 3 billion. The medical care provided is covered by general health insurance. As noted above, the company plans to significantly expand its activities in the coming year.
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Where to invest first?

One of the first investments is a plan to expand the capacity of the hospital in Hojowice with about SEK 1.6 billion. Due to the high quality of medical care provided here, capacity is completely depleted and waiting times have increased significantly, so waiting times need to be reduced.

The next investment should be made in Beloun, where one billion kronor will be spent this year for the establishment of a psychiatric rehabilitation center that will be the best psychiatric facility in the Czech Republic. According to the Executive Director, it is necessary to focus on the care of the soul as well as the body. According to an analysis, 3.5 million people in the Czech Republic suffer from mental illness.