Is the Islamic State really a threat to Europe?

Islam is the third and best known religion. Like Christianity, Islam is based on the belief in a single God to whom Jews and Christians take refuge.
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Their holy book is the Qur\’an, which lists five pillars that followers of Islam must observe: confession of faith, observance of prayer (five times a day at the same time), charity, fasting, and going on pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime.
Clear evidence (apart from the simplified description of the five pillars above) is that a comparison of the Bible and the Qur\’an reveals that these books have many similarities. If followers of Islam respect the Qur\’an, then they are no different from followers of other religions.
In summary, it is clear that Islam is a peaceful religion, on par with Christianity and Judaism. It is just being exploited for the benefit of terrorist organizations (like Al Qaeda and IS).
Svatý Korán
The first and most famous terrorist attack occurred on September 11, 2001, when the al-Qaeda organization used a plane to ram the Twin Towers in New York City. People were horrified at the time by this tragic event, in which many people lost their lives.
This incident was followed by several terrorist attacks directly on Europe. The reaction of Europeans (apart from retaliation) was hatred of Islam (Muslims), which continues to this day, but also fear for Europe and its future. Following Al Qaeda, another terrorist organization, the Islamic State (IS), has attacked Europe in recent years.
Another shocking event was the terrorist attack carried out by the Islamic State (IS) on Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14, 2015. More than 120 people were killed that night. At first I was terrified (as all humans are) and hated Islam as a whole. I could not understand how anyone could shoot innocent people, and I was honestly angry at all Muslims, or any individual who was a follower of Islam. But after reading a few books, I asked myself. Is it really the fault of Islam as a whole?
Not only in Europe, but in recent years in Europe there has arisen the so-calledIslamophobia, a distortion of the truth about Islam (Islam is perceived as a military bloc)
It is often said that Muslims are terrorists, which is also a myth. They even publish a magazine called Dabig, which focuses on the main reasons for the carnage and hatred in Europe. [At the same time, they refer to Allah who guides their actions, yet there is not a single sentence in the Koran that suggests the killing of innocents.
In summary, the real threat to Europe is not Muslims, but terrorists operating within the Islamic State organization.