Do you want to renovate your condo or do you prefer no change?

It took me years to find the right home for me. I moved in, furnished it to my liking, and that was it. That\’s a relief. You\’re looking for furniture and carpets, installing a new kitchen, figuring out what to do with the bathrooms and showers. You stop to consider renovation plans, various repairs and finishes, and say, “I don\’t want that again.” But after 10, 12, 15 years …… and years have passed and your apartment is slowly becoming old-fashioned. After a few years, look around your apartment to see if it\’s worth a little redecorating. You go to work, leave early in the morning and come home in the evening.útulný obývací pokoj.jpg
In order to come home and feel at home, your apartment must meet the requirements of quality living. Some people do not like change and can live in their apartments for decades without changing anything. The only thing they do is replace furniture, and if it literally falls apart or the dishwasher becomes beyond repair, they buy a new one. However, some people buy new furniture every year, paint or wallpaper, and constantly change the decor and colors of their surroundings. They replace small items in their apartments to match their colors, or add small details such as cushions, lamps, pictures, or small decorative items. They like change.kytara položená na polštáři.jpg
There is nothing wrong with that. [The important thing is that the apartment is comfortable and that you like coming home. Of course, it\’s not just about furniture and space. The apartment needs to be you and “feel” your needs, interests, and activities. Why not prop up a tennis racket in the hallway or a guitar in the living room? It is details like these that make a home feel right and create a sense of home that makes everyone want to return. Rather than a sanitized apartment that glistens with cleanliness, treat yourself to a view of things that enhance your presence, even if they are “abandoned” in the apartment.