Goods at Customs

For example, if you order goods from China, a suspicious package with goods may arrive at customs. However, it is necessary to maintain panic and not to be unnecessarily scared. There is nothing as bad as it may seem at first glance. In today\’s article, we decided to prepare for the situation that could arise if you order goods that are more expensive than €22, for example, mobile phones, navigation and other electronic devices.
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22€ Less than goods are given to pay no customs duties or VAT. In addition, each package is actually thoroughly checked through the X-ray itself. After price comparison, if the package is recognized by the customs officer within 22€, the package will be delivered to you in order.
For shipments between €22 and €150, they are subject to VAT, but not customs duties. Do not be afraid of tariffs, because such goods are considered goods of unimportant value. Normally VAT is 21% of the price of goods +post (from China, but, it is mostly free if you don\’t choose in other way).
If the price of the goods exceeds €150, it is subject to both customs duties and VAT.
The Customs Administration has a comprehensive document on this issue regarding the payment of customs duties and VAT.Here you can find many useful things. For example, here we learn that in the case of mobile phones, bets are not applied regardless of the value of the duty.
If you have to go to customs for your package, do not despair. It\’s not as bad as I thought. It just takes time.
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Your first trip will be on the counter. There you wait for the customs officer to explain the necessary data and ask what is in the package. It can even request a copy of your order at the total price, including postage, issue a VAT invoice and send you to the cashier.
At checkout, present the form you received a little earlier and pay in cash (cards are not allowed). You will receive a receipt for payment and return to the counter again. At the counter, the customs officer will return you the folder you need. Completely in everything you return to the counter where the delivery of the parcel is, and there they will do the administration with you. In addition, you will pay$99 for the summary declaration. Now they will eventually send you to the counter where you will eventually pick up your package.
It certainly has advantages, but also disadvantages, so how we approach it is up to each of us.