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If you are looking for high quality, modern switches or sockets, you have come to the right place. Schneider Electric, a multinational company, is known for its practical products, from which you can quickly select a high-quality product designed specifically for you. Thanks to Schneider Electric\’s experienced professionals, you don\’t have to worry unnecessarily about product failure or safety.
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The new Asfora series has just been introduced to the market, replacing the original, older Anya series. Customers who have purchased the Anya series have been extremely satisfied and have nothing but praise for it. The reasons for this are practicality and design. This new series is even better, and the only thing that remains the same as the previous series is its affordability for all customers and new customers.

Our switches and sockets are so versatile that they can be used by a wide range of customers, almost universally. For example:.

Town and village homes

Skilled craftsmen and novices

Large and small businesses

Asfora has a slim, stylish design to match your new window sills. It is available in two colors: pure white, which looks great in a modern office, and cream, which is perfect for a retro room.

All Asfora products are made from solid materials that are pleasant to the touch and conform to current EU and US standards.
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Product Features and Contents

1.Finished Product


2. Frame[65]

This may not be the case for some of the previous series, as some of them consist of more than one component. Fortunately, this series is complete and can be combined with other frames and machines. As a result, assembly is easy and flexible.

The Asfora line is definitely a great value and a smart choice. Please feel free to purchase.