Games in Life

I think the game is the best medicine of man. When a person has a lot of worries, he tries to remove them from his head. The game is the best medicine. What can help you heal your heart? What about floor balls and board games? I love the game! Especially when you feel bad. And I have to say that when I go out and play games like basketball or floorball, it helps me a lot. But what I want to try most is probably not a game, but a horse ride. In the beautiful countryside, where the bright sun shines and birds sing. But even horseback riding may be something like a “game”? In my opinion, any hobby can be composed of games. Even if you have dinner at home, you can eat it through play, right? When I was a kid, we used to compete at home to see who had a simple lunch or dinner. It was fun. ha ha. so did you, right? Come on, admit it. You know.


And that\’s it, the game is all around us whether we like it or not. Games are everywhere as I\’ve already written, but the important thing to remember is that games are also in our real life. But such a game that you only have a chance and one life. It does not mean that if you are shot, you will have two lives anymore. Unfortunately, in real life, 1 life = 1 chance. What do you think? Someone can play with fate, but I do not recommend it, because when a person plays with his fate or a stranger, it returns to him 2 times. And this is real life.


And now life back to the game is not normal. What games do you like? basketball, floorball or something? The game is simply fun for both kids and especially for adults. You can also play the game on your mobile. what are you doing? Think game. And why? Because in life you always have to think in some way. And that\’s what everyone does, even if you\’re playing Sudoku, so you have to be there so that it\’s not the same number of columns or rows.