Are Czechs different from other citizens on the Internet?

We often feel that we are depriving ourselves of the dignity that some of our fellow citizens were given at birth. Of course, it is not entirely true that we should be ashamed of ourselves in front of others. In fact, just across the border, a stone\’s throw from Churchman\’s Honzik, is the pantheon itself, abusing the corrupt government and judiciary on social media. It is all a global perception.
falešné novinky na netu

There are rednecks everywhere

“Why did only Prague vote for a senator for the entire republic!” People shout. You might want to go back to elementary school, or at least look at the last week of coverage that fully explained the election. For example, the fact that one-third of the Senators rotate every two years, so logically they only vote in certain districts, is probably one piece of information these people missed. But the exact same problem has been solved in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and France. Now, to say that the people reading (or writing) this article are somewhat uptight is a bit egoistic. Not at all. The difference, of course, is that normal people first look up information on the Internet and are not embarrassed by such statements in public.
dopravní značky

Czech literacy vs. foreign literacy

The majority of hoaxes come from abroad, where they are filtered through SPD and similar nonsense, and in one way or another flow onto the Czech Internet. But hoaxes also come from abroad. It is spread mainly through “patriotic” websites and alternative truths. A French lunatic creates a pamphlet, which is then shared in the Czech Republic. It\’s a sad fate. It\’s just bad luck that someone doesn\’t look up the source or, if they don\’t want to look it up themselves, join an organization that will look it up for them instead. In fact, much shame can be avoided. Again, on the simpler side, there are arguments that are not shot down by the maxim “it\’s not true, but it might be.”