Where does amateur theater belong and what is its perspective?

In today\’s article we will take a closer look at amateur theater. Such groups are common in cities and less so in villages, but there are still exceptions.
In other words, amateur actors work as a hobby, not as a profession, and they do not receive monetary recognition for their work. However, especially in village amateur theaters, ticket prices are sometimes set in advance, or a box or similar container marked “voluntary admission” is placed at the entrance ¨
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Such groups are sponsored by the village hall, a corps of volunteers, or the amateur actors themselves, especially since village societies do not have much money for their development. Of course, in towns, this situation is much better handled because of larger financial budgets, but less financial support for village amateur theater does not mean that its quality is diminished, quite the contrary
It can be said, however, that in the past this activity was much more frequent. However, it is actually understandable if one analyzes the modern era, which leads to the development of humanity and technology, and to an overall outlook and unremitting progress. The fact that people used to spend their time offline instead of online has had a certain influence on this situation, whereas today it is the opposite. Indeed, why do people today crave this kind of entertainment?
It doesn\’t seem so, but at least as far as certain aspects of life are concerned, people remain the same. Even in less jovial times, they want to have fun and dispel their dark thoughts. But if we focus on the people after the curtain rises, we find that amateur actors engage in this hobby because they enjoy it, and because they are of use to others, even though it may not be apparent at first glance.
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Especially in villages, this improves the living conditions of the inhabitants. Thus, amateur theater is today a rather unconventional form of entertainment, but this, in turn, is an ally of amateur theater. Since amateur theater is not an ubiquitous activity, its representatives try to represent this “art” as well as possible.