When sex is not pleasurable

Unfortunately, it also happens that the wonderful process behind the sexual experience is not always fully felt and pleasurable. Many women can talk about it for hours, literally turning their stomachs just thinking about sex with their partners.
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Why is sex sometimes uncomfortable?

There can be several factors, including psychological ones that women have as well as physical ones that prevent them from enjoying sex properly.
From a psychological point of view, it could be:
not choosing the right partner– yes, not every man is the right one, even if they have lived together for several years. After a while, you may realize that you have nothing in common and simply stop liking him. Thus, his interest in making love when he feels like it diminishes considerably.
Your Preferred Affliction– In some cases, you may be so exhausted that you don\’t even feel like it, let alone want to enjoy intimate moments. In such cases, it is natural to assume that if you go into sex with a sense of disgust and antipathy, the course of sex cannot possibly be bearable.
Physical effects that do not bring satisfaction:
Partners\’ attitudes toward sex– In most cases, men see sex as an opportunity for their own enjoyment. And women\’s needs and happiness are literally forgotten or not considered at all. When you see your partner going his own way, wanting only to reach orgasm and treating you like a puppet, you certainly can\’t talk about pleasure or satisfaction.
Painful behavior– This can also be caused by the techniques you practice with your man. If the position does not suit you, or if the pace itself does not suit you because of rabbit-like behavior, you cannot expect to get anything out of sex, nor can you expect to feel pleasure the next time.
Health problemsy – If you are suffering from gynecological problems, you should not even take advantage of the emotional moment. Not only will the sexual experience be uncomfortable, it may worsen your physical condition and health.
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What can be improved about your approach?

If you are bothered by the fact that you dislike sex more than you like it, you may need to figure out what you expect from sex. Perhaps you need men to have sex with you in order to feel how wonderful, passionate, and intense sex can be.