What type of men do women like?

Everyone has different tastes, and you may never like the same man, but you can probably agree that there are some types that no woman can resist.

Romantic – Whether you are a romantic or not, after all, every one of us has at least once in our lives imagined our lover bringing us roses, surrounding her with gifts, or showering her with compliments. What attracts women to these types is attentiveness, sensitivity, admiration, and sincerity from men. If a man does what a woman dreams of doing, she feels that this may be the one.
romantický mladík

Bad Boy – Many women admire rebels. They are drawn to danger because of the adventure, the fun, and most of all, the lack of boredom. Unfortunately, these types can be heartbreakers because our relationships with them may not quite work out the way we imagined. After all, they are bad boys without rules.

Gentleman – The exact opposite of the previous one. This kind of gentleman is polite and knows what is right. He is interested in women and wants to be useful to them. It makes them feel a special attraction to women. In addition, they can see an example in those who may be their children, which is satisfying to them.19]

Jokester – Humor is the basis of flirting. If you don\’t have a sense of humor and are depressed, flirting won\’t work. Everyone likes to have fun, and having the opportunity to laugh every day is welcome. If your girlfriend is sad, you can cheer her up and relieve tension with a joke. However, the joke must be funny and not irritating or annoying.
žena s šálkem

Sporty – Most women like sporty men. These days, slowly everyone is getting lazy, so active types are intriguing and something to do with them. The ideal body type has broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hips. Fitness men with broad shoulders are definitely not to be missed. Because their strong arms can protect their partner and she feels safe in their arms.

Deep Voice – It has been scientifically proven that women of color are more attracted to men with deep voices than men with higher tones. This has to do with the fact that they appear confident, strong, and fertile.