What about modern men and their romantic desires

At the end of the 20th century, men were still considered sexually desirous. Tired, fed up, and frustrated, men in their thirties who sought other forms of entertainment rather than sex were rather rare. At that time, conversation, both between men and mixed sexes, tended to be about sexual desire, even if it was just a subtle joke that tickled.
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Times have changed, and today, none of that is the case. As society tends to do today, sexual competence is declining, and it tends to peak around the age of 25. However, the problem for most married couples arises at the time of marriage, which is more carefully planned, especially these days, usually around the age of 30. As the anticipated marriage arrives, the relationship matures, but the desire for sex is not as strong as before, and the young family becomes closer to the senior relationship.
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Men today are under much more pressure than ever before

After all, stress is the main cause of the weakening of the male element, whose psyche is disturbed by the fear of losing their jobs and the pressures that men experience in the workplace today. Successful times force us to perform at a higher level, but we are no longer strong enough for that “high performance” in bed. Testosterone in men is declining, and what\’s more, the head of the family is mostly content to comfort himself with good food and leisure while ultimately stretching out with canapés.
Adding to the unfortunate situation is the fact that many women these days tend to feel better after the age of 30, and their desire for sexual activity increases. Many of these women are more confident in themselves and mentally balanced. How can we help them? It is a long road and above all a challenge for all those who neglect rest, sleep, lifestyle, and above all a dialogue and empathic approach with their partners.