Uncontrollable Shopping Mania

Whether it is simply in a woman\’s blood or simply a natural connection to the fact that she cannot help herself and needs to take in material things is difficult to determine,as no woman will admit.While shopping undoubtedly makes them feel fulfilled and happy, the negative accounts and the constant complaints and misunderstandings from their husbands are already a downside that these women have to deal with. So is there any reason for these women to become addicted?
dívka s čelenkou

It\’s beautiful, must have, but …… totally unnecessary

It is beautiful in a woman\’s eyes, it certainly suits her, it makes her shine, but is there any reason not to indulge in an item that is, after all, totally unnecessary? For men, the answer to this question is clear and concise. [Women, however, see it a little differently and consider shopping to be their hobby, their reason for being, a place where they always want to be liked.Often they don\’t use it at all or take it out of the closet. Of course, we are not only talking about clothes, but also various “trinkets” that are like gold to crows.
thajská prodavačka

Where do they find the money to do all this? 22]

They say that every parade costs something. Some (modest) women are content to buy things that make them very happy, even at the expense of being “crap” once in a while, while others are more demanding and fall into a mania that they cannot control. It is important to acknowledge the problem and, if necessary, talk to someone about it. There are many women who shop despite not having enough money. This may lead them to harass their partners, or go into debt in order to feel satisfied. However, such indiscriminate shopping can [29] often get them into trouble in the form of [30] poor relationships [31] and financial debts. [32] Sometimes it is good to stop and tell yourself that you can live without shopping and splurging, even if it is hard for you.