Spring Wardrobe Detox

Many of our readers are well aware of this. The winter cold is over and you have nothing to wear. It is a problem for almost everyone. But how do we solve this tricky and common situation? Most of us stuff our already overflowing closets with winter clothes in anticipation of next season. And then we buy everything and anything we like. What happens as a result? Again, they complain that they can\’t fit anything in their closets. But have you ever tried to organize your wardrobe? You haven\’t? Then read on.
regály s oblečením

Unnecessary Amounts

Most people buy a lot of clothes and accessories throughout the year. Then, at some point in the season, they wear one piece and simply thoughtlessly toss it into a corner of their wardrobe. And who knows what else is left; a year later, no one remembers what treasures their wardrobe actually holds. And then you go shopping again. Seems illogical, doesn\’t it? Yes, it does! But what do you think? Let\’s organize your own wardrobe properly. Don\’t use lack of time as an excuse. Yes, it\’s time-consuming and tedious. But your wallet will thank you one day.
svetry na ramínkách


How do you do it? It\’s easy. Clothes you don\’t wear for long will leave you forever. Everything you don\’t wear. You will see your wardrobe suddenly come to life. And your wallet will thank you. Why is that? By organizing your wardrobe and throwing out the clothes you don\’t need, you can also take inventory of your collection. When you go shopping, you won\’t have to buy new items that are already in your closet. So it is a good idea from all perspectives. And what to do with those clothes? Donate them to someone or to a charity. But donate only those in perfect condition. After all, no one wants to walk around in leaky or badly soiled clothes. Am I wrong? No, no. Then get something nice and date your wardrobe. Because spring is coming and it\’s time for spring cleaning!