Scarcity and Economic Choice

We can change economic outcomes, but we cannot have everything we want. Even if you want to buy something, you can only buy it with what you have in your pocket.
There is also a limitto the amount of production in the economy as a whole. In this case, the limit is not set by money,but by the resources available to produce goods and services. Each of us wants a better, bigger house, a new car, a new school, a better transportation network. But no nation can produce everything for everyone. Like other nations, we have to deal with the basic problem of scarcity (scarcity is the imbalance between our wants and the resources available to us, forcing us to make economic choices), the fact that there are not enough resources to satisfy all that people want. We have to deal with the fact that we don\’t have the resources to satisfy all the things people want.
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Factors of production
The resources used to produce goods and services are called factors of production. The four basic factors of production are
– land
– labor
– capital
– business
. These are the inputs needed to producethe desired output. As an example, consider the production of books. Paper, printing presses, buildings, labor, good ideas, etc. are needed. Without the factors of production, nothing can be produced. Soil: Soil includes not only topography, but all natural resources: oil, water, air, minerals, etc.
Labor: Labor also has many facets. Labor power is not merely the number of people or the amount of output, but also includes the knowledge and skills required to produce goods and services. Thus, the concept of labor includes the quantity and quality of human resources
Capital: In economics, capital refers to the final productused for further production. [Entrepreneurship: The more land, labor, and capital,the greater the potential output. A farmer with a lot of land, a few tractors, and employees may produce more output than a farmer with half the resources. But there is no guarantee that this will be the case. A farmer with fewer resources, or even a farmer today, may have better ideas about sowing, planting, fertilizing, and harvesting crops. In other words, it is not only resources that matter, but also how they are used . And here is the fourth factor of production: entrepreneurship. [86] [87] [88] [89] An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity for a new possibility, a new and better product, and is able to put together the resources needed to produce it.