Psychology of Color


People who are used to dressing in black from head to toe are a bit lacking in imagination. While it is true that you can\’t go wrong if you choose black, you can\’t shine either. Black exudes an air of authority, which is why it is so popular among people of high status. If you love black, at least complement it with boldly colored jewelry, scarves, and handbags.


Earth colors are perfect for relaxing. A color that is both friendly and serious. Ideal as an alternative to black so as not to be too heavy. If you want to liven up brown a bit, complement it with other similar colors.


A great alternative to black and brown in warm summer months. All shades are warm and friendly. The perfect color for those who want to feel confident.


There are many shades of white, although it may not seem so at first glance. White is a fresh, clean color. It is ideal for hot weather. You can easily soften or spice up the look by using textured fabrics or contrasting them with other colors.
veselé barvy¨


Blue is the color of logic and is associated with order, peace and confidence. Dark blue, often used in uniforms, is associated with authority. Lighter shades are very feminine.


If you want to add a feminine touch, reach for pink. It is associated with tenderness and sympathy. However, don\’t wear pink from head to toe.
ve fialových šatech


Purple conveys creativity and sensitivity. It is also the color of spirituality and meditation. The pale hue encourages relaxation. If you are uncomfortable with purple, reach for a scarf or other accessory first.


You want to boost your confidence. You want to appear energetic. Red can do all these tasks well. It is an exciting color and shows the ability to please.


Green is a color that envelops us in nature and gives us a sense of comfort and peacefulness. At the same time, shades of green radiate imagination and creativity.