Power Yoga – Hardcore Body Enhancement

Yoga is still considered a rather feminine exercise, especially among men. It is boring, ineffective, static, and does nothing to develop strength, agility, or endurance. This is partly due to ignorance and partly due to the fact that modern yoga classes are tailored to an “audience” of women. Aside from the fact that this view is itself wrong, it may offer such doubters an alternative in the form of power yoga that will make even the most well-trained man sweat.
cvičení v místnosti
The superstructure of the word power
In contrast to classical yoga, which emphasizes holding poses (asanas) longer, overall calmness, breathing, relaxation, and stretching, power yoga offers above all dynamism. It has essentially no spiritual foundation and concentrates on the development of physical qualities. Techniques develop the entire body, not partial exercises. This improves nerve and muscle coordination and makes movement more efficient. In addition, yoga postures can increase the flexibility of the joints during the “strengthening” process, which in turn has an additional positive effect on the economy of movement in normal daily life.
Who is it suitable for?
If your goal is muscle growth, huge biceps, and a bell-shaped chest, this exercise is probably not your primary focus. Still, don\’t dismiss power yoga altogether. Power yoga is best suited for people who:
want to strengthen muscles
want to increase joint mobility
want to stretch muscles and tendons
want to tighten the midsection
want to increase stability
To improve breathing
cvičení na skále

Let\’s return to bodybuilders and bodybuilding. For you, power yoga is a good complementary exercise. Lifting heavy weights has a negative effect on joint positions, especially between the vertebrae. At the same time, exercising alone causes muscles to shorten, out of coordination with the nervous system. This style of exercise can be successfully compensated for by incorporating two yoga sessions per month.