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We are all beautiful. Regardless of our small imperfections, the size of our nose or the fullness of our lips. Decorative cosmetics should never “overpower” our natural beauty, but enhance it. So which products should we choose?
Co považujeme za nezbytnost

Basic Care
Cream is an essential part of your makeup bag. Whether you have dry, oily, or problem skin, it is very important to provide a certain amount of moisture to your skin. There are many brands and types of creams on the market, so there is something for everyone. Quality is very important in creams, so choose a brand that is well-known for its quality.

Makeup cream or tinted cream?

Many women often reach for makeup to cover up imperfections. But that\’s what concealers are for, so when it comes to makeup, look for something that will unify your skin nicely and protect it from the sun\’s rays. If your skin is acne-free and blemish-free, opt for a tinted cream. This is much lighter and won\’t unnecessarily clog pores.
Toaletní stolek


Powders are an excellent choice for setting makeup. It mattifies the skin and absorbs oil and moisture. On the other hand, it can also clog pores, and if too much is applied, it is immediately apparent that it is on the face. Therefore, never apply too much powder and only correct it when you know you need it. It is often applied to areas where the skin is oily and shiny, such as under the eyes and forehead.


Since most women use mascara on a daily basis, it is clear that mascara is one of the true essentials. There are many different types available, with different brush shapes and formulas. Mascara should be chosen based on the shape of the brush and whether or not it will irritate the eyes. The motto “quality over quantity” applies here as well. Do not use commercial mascara or a friend\’s mascara. You may not always get an infection, but you can never be too cautious. Water-proof mascara is a good choice when it is warm outside and your face is sweating, but be careful removing makeup. If you can\’t get the makeup off properly, get another one and avoid irritating the eye area.

Lipstick and deer fat

Women have emphasized their lips since time immemorial. Classic red is a symbol of passion and glamour. However, it may not suit all women, and lipstick should be chosen to match the shade and undertone of the skin, hair, and eye color. In winter, hydration is important, so a deerstalker in your handbag is also essential. There are a myriad of scents and colors to choose from, but you can\’t go wrong with a classic colorless one.