In this case, you can’t fake a man

Long explanations are repeated so many times that some situations are better forgotten. Perhaps long marriages have endured on the basis of tolerance, not on the basis of occasions and reflections. What, then, can we rely on?
mladý muž a modrá obloha
1. Toilets
Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but unfortunately, I believe this phenomenon is most likely of viral origin spreading like an epidemic. In fact, falls are a cause in themselves. Men, despite their good memory, have somehow forgotten basic rules. After using the toilet, check that the toilet bowl opening is well aimed to keep the floor clean and dry. Who was the last person to use the toilet?
otevřené wc
2. Sick
Who has not encountered a man cold? A man can break rocks and set records in the gym. But for some ungodly reason, he is struck by a cold and fever. Suddenly, he turns into a little kid in need of emergency treatment. What\’s more, according to the story, a mild cold is completely incurable. But why this happens is probably a mystery to mankind, and we still do not know the solution.
nemocný muž
3. Instructions
When you buy a new household item, it comes with instructions on how to use it or how to assemble it to be useful. Of course, women like to read the instructions and follow the step-by-step instructions to success. After all, men don\’t need instructions or manuals. Besides, they get in the way of work. What a surprise, for example, if a few hours later the cabinet is actually standing, but with a pile of screws and maybe a single shelf on the floor. Could it be that the manufacturer was kind enough to add something extra? Who knows where the truth lies.
4. Driving a car
A common case. Many men evaluate women behind the wheel as a weakness in humanity. Who is to blame, who is holding back – clearly it is the woman at the wheel, and she should not have papers in the first place. But statistics say otherwise. It just so happens that men are involved in the most traffic accidents. But how they literally get angry at the actions of other drivers is in the dictionary. They can get into fist fights. Or they make various gestures during passing and overtaking that indicate that the other driver is totally incompetent.
Of course, there are other moments of surprise that drive us women crazy, but we will have to accept that men are no different in this regard. And let\’s be honest, we can\’t do without them in our lives.