Get a Hanging Balcony

Buying a Balcony Have you bought an apartment without a balcony and now regret this decision? Did you know there is a simple solution? With a little patience, you can purchase a suspended balcony . According to the manufacturer, they are affordable, easy to install, and the balconies will last for decades.

Balconied apartments, glazed loggias and terraces are usually much more expensive, so not everyone can afford them. Hinged balconies, however, cost only a few tens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, you can install a balcony anywhere, whether in an apartment or condominium complex or in your own house with a garden. Manufacturers claim that balconies can be installed on any masonry structure. The age of the building is also irrelevant.
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There are several types to choose from. For example, some people opt for a glass-enclosed loggia that can be used all year round as a conservatory. Others opt for a classic balcony. However, there are many types of balconies. Suspended installations are unusual but look modern. They can also be enjoyed by pets if they are deliberately screened during construction.

If you want to value your investment in your home, here are some solutions. Investment apartments with balconies and loggias increase in value depending on how well the apartment with these accessories sells.
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The only problem standing in the way of your new balcony is the building permit needed to make it happen. You may have to wait several years for this. Or you may not get a building permit at all. Still, it is worth a try, because you have nothing to lose.

And the rewards of a successful application are sure. Your new balcony will be an oasis of peace and relaxation. You will be able to grow herbs and ornamental flowers in pots and planters, read, sunbathe, and enjoy the long summer nights. You will have more living space, brighter rooms, and more time in the fresh air. You won\’t regret buying this product.