How to deal with burnout syndrome?

Burnout syndrome has not been news to professionals for decades, but with the advent of management, more and more people are at risk of this disease. But management is not the only profession affected by this ominous syndrome. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other health care professionals are equally affected. Burnout syndrome manifests itself in different ways in different people, and many routinely come to work with burnout syndrome, even though their work efficiency is far less than it used to be. However, some have been affected far more than others, and some have even taken their own lives. This is another reason to follow some basic principles to protect oneself from burnout syndrome.
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The basic principle is to reduce demands on others as well as on oneself. The lower the demands, the less stress, which is a direct pathway to the aforementioned syndromes as well as other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Relax regularly. Active as well as passive methods such as meditation and reading. Sport is a very effective tool that can stave off many mental disorders. In fact, during exercise, various substances are released that have a pleasant effect on the body and mind, making people happier.

If you feel the beginnings of mental discomfort in yourself, confide it to yourself. There is no need to immediately consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. It is enough to talk to your partner or, if you are a religious person, to a priest. Do not keep negative feelings to yourself.
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Try to think positively. It is perfectly normal to think about negative things from time to time. But if you are plagued by negative thoughts today and every day, then something is wrong. If you are unable to match the right pitch, you may already be suffering from some kind of burnout. This is where seeing a specialist is helpful .