How do you furnish a small apartment?

Furnishing an apartment may be easy for some, but it is usually a very difficult task. We try to find the concept and style of our new abode and make it as reminiscent and reassuring of home as possible. If the furnishing of the apartment is simple, then the designer does not have to do the work. Thus, if the apartment is rather small in size, it is better to furnish it in a unified style.
Therefore, one should carefully consider and plan what the final shape of the future dwelling will look like. Today, there is a large amount of customized furniture available, and there are various solutions to save as much space as possible, as well as ways to visually enlarge it.
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What visually expands a small apartment?

1. Bold colors are not used. Color choices should be made only after you know what style your new home will be. Deep yellows, reds, and dark colors quickly become outdated. Use softer, brighter colors, and the overall impression will be of a visually larger space.
2. Avoid using heavy furniture. This is better suited for larger apartments. For smaller dwellings, bent wood and lighter materials are appropriate. For example, a variety of baskets and chests of drawers should be placed on brightly colored shelves. Furniture with legs can also be placed to brighten a small space and make the space appear visually larger.
3. Use of light Dark-colored, narrow apartments are not recommended. It is important to lighten the space as much as possible. Use light curtains that let in as much light as possible, rather than rich or draped curtains.
4. When arranging furniture, it is not appropriate to combine a number of floor colors. Using only one color will unify the space and make it visually larger. 17]moderní bydlení
If you change your mind about living in a smaller apartment, keeping things tidy is a top priority. In a large apartment, if you throw one or two things away, they can get lost. In a small dwelling, however, things can quickly get cluttered.