Fun Games

Do you like games? What games did you play the most as a child? I say this now, but what kind of games did you like to play? Mostly games I played outside with my friends and siblings. I remember playing competitive floorball, soccer, and dodgeball a lot. Those were my favorite sports. Later, when I grew up, I also did a lot of rollerblading and mountain biking, and I played a lot of tennis and squash with my parents. Do you know what squash is? It\’s like tennis, but you play it by hitting the ball against the wall.

Skládám taky puzzle.

And we both play. I enjoy it a lot, and to be honest it\’s probably one of my favorite sports and games. Of course, I still play tennis. When my kids are a little bit older, when they\’re five or six, I want them to go to clubs and play sports, too.

Sport je pro děti nutný.

Of course, sports are important for everyone. Without a doubt, I cannot imagine my life without sports. And I really do play sports every day. I\’m glad my boyfriend loves sports as much as I do. It is also what we always wanted. To have a friend next to me who is my partner in discomfort and my partner in sports at the same time. I mean, who am I going to play tennis or squash with, I can\’t do it alone. So I\’m glad there are still people out there who prefer action sports over TV. What games and sports do you like?