Flash Player is past its prime and Adobe plans to bury it in 2020

Inventing and producing something that people will be hooked on for decades, or at least a sought-after product for that long, is It is not easy. Just think of where Microsoft and Google have gotten to, and what Facebook and Twitter have done, despite the tremendous efforts of their competitors. Just a few years ago, the same might have been expected of Adobe\’s Flash Player product.
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In 2014, Flash Player was at the height of its fame, clearly the most popular video playback software on the Internet, used daily by hundreds of millions of clients of all ages. Flash Player\’s success was also demonstrated by Google Chrome, which published statistical evaluation results. At the time, a huge number of people, almost 80%, viewed the web interface featuring this popular player at least once a day.
A significant drop in popularity would mean the end of product support.
For now, there is no need to panic, as Flash will be replaced by other products, and furthermore, Adobe believes that the heyday of this popular player is long gone. However, compared to four years ago, only a fraction of the population uses Flash, about 9 percent. For now, it is still holding up, primarily as a video player and as a carrier medium for online games.
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However, the popularity of Adobe\’s most used interface has had its pitfalls. Flash is a hotbed of viruses and malware, with 80% of all known malicious code targeting Flash. However, the player has many flaws, and the company is constantly addressing some security holes. In addition, there is the paradox that it does not benefit the company.
Therefore, after two years, at the end of 2010, the decision was made to bury the Flash Player, although some developers are trying to make the Flash Player available at least as a free open source program. No word yet on whether the source code will be made available to computer enthusiasts, and Adobe has yet to comment on the developers\’ plea.