Do you understand cosmetics?

There are a great many cosmetics companies as well as cosmetics products on the market. Long gone are the days when you could only get a few cosmetics at the drugstore, and they were all wrapped in unsightly packaging and had rather dubious ingredients. Nowadays, there are so many choices that it is often difficult to know what to choose.
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If you are one of those who are interested in what the product is made of and what it contains, trust me, you are not alone. I can confirm that most women are often unsure and confused when they read what is written in various unfamiliar terms.
Therefore, in today\’s article, I have decided to clarify and explain at least some of these terms.
For example, antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the skin from radicals produced by stress and UV radiation. They are no longer, as they used to be, part of nutritional supplements.
What about retinol? This is vitamin A, which facilitates the regeneration and formation of new cells. It also affects the elasticity and firmness of all skin.
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Everyone knows about collagen. Collagen supports the skin and ensures its elasticity. Furthermore, it not only makes the skin smooth but also moisturizes it.
Have you heard of hamamelis? In addition to its pleasant aroma, it has anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial effects. It is especially good for inflamed skin. It is often found in lotions and protective creams.
Parabens are also commonly used. These are preservatives often found in cosmetics. Although many women worry about the side effects of this substance, they play a very important role in products. They prevent the growth of mold and yeast. Of course, it is now possible to find products on the market that do not contain parabens, and preservation is solved by products of natural origin. However, these products are very few.
We hope that today\’s article will be helpful to you and that you will be better informedwhen choosing cosmetics .