Complicated Politics

If you are interested in politics, you probably have some involvement with politics. To be honest, I am interested in politics too, but not because I take politics completely for granted. I think there are positives and negatives to politics. I myself, for example, have always been surprised to find people talking about politics when I sit in a waiting room somewhere. But it was never brief and polite. I really don\’t like the fact that I have to denigrate people I don\’t know personally. But most of all, please do not think that I am defending or praising any politician or political party.

O politice se dočtete taky online.

Not at all. I sometimes swear too, but then I realize in my heart that if I don\’t know the person personally, then I have no right to criticize him or her. In fact, that person may have really miserable and bad political views, but in their personal life they may be a perfectly fine partner or family member. So I figured I shouldn\’t judge someone too much just because I don\’t know them personally. For example, I know a friend of mine who is really perfect, and he jokes around like that in his family and friendships, and he is very pleasant and gets along great with everyone immediately.

Politika je velmi složitá.

However, at work, where he represents his company, he is really very strict and hardly even smiles. Because in order to be respected in society and to make a good impression, he has to wear what is called a protective mask. So I know that politics is not something that everyone argues about and wants to be right at all costs. I have learned a lot about not judging people by their outward appearance. Not only for a moment, but maybe you can see that a non-conformist can be a cool person.