Build your own bathroom in your apartment.

Everyone wants to live a modern and comfortable life. Preferably like a hotel. Today\’s small apartment has space for a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and toilet. If the bedroom is large, it may be connected to the bathroom and toilet. Unfortunately, older apartments often have separate rooms. If you want to build a bathroom in an old bedroom, you have to be prepared for a lot of construction work.
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Recently, it has become fashionable to install a bathroom in a bedroom. How do I get started on doing that as soon as possible? For this renovation, you will need to book a plumber, an electrician, a mason, and possibly someone to oversee everything. Before the craftsmen and workers visit, you will need to select the furniture for your new bathroom. This includes cabinets with sinks, shower or bathtub, toilets, mirrors, etc. All of this can be ordered from catalogs on the Internet. In many cases, all furniture is viewed and selected in the store. Based on the equipment selected, a plumber begins work. If the room was originally used only as a bedroom, new pipes for the sink, bathtub and shower, and drainage from the toilet will need to be run. If everything goes according to plan, this will be done in two days, but be prepared for a lot of chaos and dust throughout the apartment. Once all the plumbing is done, an electrician will come and run wires to the lights and sockets. If the bathroom does not have a window, he may also install a switch for the exhaust fan. The bricklayer does very important work.
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If the new bathroom is to be separated from the bedroom, a partition will need to be built. Before laying the tiles, all brickwork needs to be flattened so that the tiles will stick properly and securely. This process takes a couple of days, depending on the bricklayer\’s time. The tiles are first laid on the side walls and finally on the floor. Once everything is finished, the final touches to the construction can be made, such as filling joints and installing new bathroom fixtures.