Beach Fashion for 2019

Swimsuits have long since become a fashion statement as well as a way to hide your private parts, and the trends in this area change every year. There are some swimsuits that never go wrong.
The beauty of simplicity is the reason why swimwear that is simple, unadorned, and has a good color combination is preferred. Such a swimsuit can be worn for many seasons. The same rule applies to summer clothing such as dresses, skirts, and tunics. Elegant, simple clothing will not spoil any beach promenade.
blondýna v bikinách u skály
If you want to stand out more, go for a retro style based on simple cuts but with soft colors, polka dots, high-waisted shorts, or high-cut swimsuits and thongs that were all the rage at the turn of the last century. Retro swimwear should also look good, so avoid less-than-decent swimsuits.
Other more extravagant swimwear options include floral patterns, special fabrics, metallic shades, and sequins. If you have a luxurious swimsuit, choose a simpler hat or dress that does not clash with the color or style of that swimsuit.
klobouk na obličeji
The good news for romantics is that ruffles and lace are all the rage. So if you\’re the romantic type and want to enjoy the summer in this style, rejoice. Ruffles and frills, paired with lace, and ethnic styles are coming back into vogue.
High necks and cutouts are also in vogue. However, swimsuits are still meant to hide something, so it is not advisable to be too revealing on the beach with the kids and tourists. Also, if you are not a slim figure, be careful with cut-outs so that your toes do not stick out of the holes.