Apricot Oil for Beauty

Apricot oilhas a very similar effect to almond oil. It also has a rich, nutty taste that goes well with desserts and other dishes.Apricot kernels are very healthy in themselves. In recent years, they have been studied in connection with the treatment of a number of diseases, includingcancer. Apricot seeds contain a high percentage of oil. Therefore, it is very likely that people pressed oil from them in ancient times.
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Already in traditional Chinese medicine mention apricot oil and its use for the treatment of tumors and ulcers of all kinds.
The use of apricot oil is widespread in all countries of the world. For the treatment of ulcers and tumors, this apricot kernel oil was also used in England in the 17th century.
There are 2 types of apricot oil, 1 of which can be used for cooking, only for cosmetic purposes, i.e. for external and topical application
for other consumption
, and sweet almond oil
oil is obtained from apricot kernels in 2 ways. Either:
inusing solvent
incold press
But in the second better variant, there is no change in the compound in apricot oil. Choosing cold pressed, high-quality organic apricot oil is always a better alternative.
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Healing Properties of Apricot Oil

Apricot kernel oil has many positive and healing properties. Because of this, there are different uses:
inemollient, because it has a great emollient and moisturizing effect.
In anti-inflammatory action, when applied for internal or external use, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.
In , apricot oil has an anti-aging effect that nourishes the skin and helps fight aging.
With antibacterial effects, if these effects are also used to protect clothing and other products from bacteria.
In , apricot kernel oil has an antiseptic effect, as it reduces the risk of infection of open wounds.