Alien Metal – Fiction or Reality?

At first glance, speculation about its existence might seem like a complete fabrication inspired, for example, by the popular science fiction series Stargate, but the opposite is true. We are talking here about a real cosmic raw material: the metallic achondrite meteorite commonly referred to as meteoric iron.
Meteorit a planeta
For ancient blacksmiths, this was a rare material, not only in terms of price and uniqueness, but above all in terms of its (then believed) divine origin. However, the composition of meteoric iron is by no means “magical”. This will no doubt disappoint many who support theories about intelligent extraterrestrial life and its interference with the origins of the Euphrates, Tigris, and Nile civilizations.
There are several types of colorless meteorites from which metals can be obtained. These meteorites consist primarily of a combination of iron, nickel, and cobalt, although other metals and minerals are also present, usually in smaller quantities. Their origin is thought to be the cores of asteroids or smaller asteroids.
Nebeské ostří

As noted above, these meteorites were targeted and further processed, especially early in the development of terrestrial iron.
Aside from the dagger of Tutankhamun, which has been mentioned several times in the media and whose “extraterrestrial” origin has been confirmed by X-ray fluorescence analysis, a significant portion of the metallic iron artifacts that have been found or located in the region of the Middle East today date to the time of the first attempts to extract iron from ore-bearing rocks It is highly likely that they are of meteoritic origin dating back to the time of the first attempts to extract iron from ore-bearing rocks. This theory may be supported to some extent by the results of archaeological excavations (e.g., Turkish-Anatolian) as well as by extant mythological narratives of defunct Near Eastern civilizations,
interwoven with magical metal artifacts that served both gods and men.
Another day may come when a modern-day Dr. Jackson makes a discovery that upends our view of history.