It is appropriate to be patient While it is certainly liberating, there are aspects of the past wisdom that are better followed. For example, in a relationship with a partner, it is certainly not wrong for a woman to put up with a little.

Today, women are very liberated. In some ways it may be overkill. Not that I enjoy sitting in the corner waiting, but sometimes women are too active. Both in their careers and in their personal lives. Women want to take matters into their own hands. They act like generals in skirts. Unfortunately, this also applies to personal relationships.

It used to be that men conquered women. There were few opportunities for women to show a little more intimate affection to men. Today, women usually take the initiative first, but is that enough? Just because women have the right to vote and enjoy the same privileges as men does not mean that men are no longer the hunters. Man does not want equality of opportunity. Men want women. Women who are not so easy to get.

Giving place and time

What does this mean? Give him space and time. Let him understand what you mean to him. To understand this, he needs to experience a certain detachment from your side. Women very much need to be reassured that they are loved, and they themselves express their feelings clearly. It is natural for them, but it often comes across as cheap to men.

Men need to breathe freely. If a woman will let him breathe freely, he will gladly return. To his wife, to his home, to his family. If she will not let him do so, he will run away. At first he might just go to a restaurant or a football game or a hockey game, but over time he might run away for good.

But it is hard to resist. The problem is that women are often pathologically obsessed with love. Men are not. They are also usually more interested. Therein lies the answer to how to cope. Concentrate on yourself rather than on him. Pursue your own interests. If you are busy doing other things, he will soon find you more interesting.